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it's haddaway


love sex, no feelings
making love and after I'm peeling
split banana then I'm just leaving
can wait on cigarettes because I'm not dealing
with this bird I met just last weekend
she calls a fake name, can't look up my number
she played a great game, we won, no bummer
I said g game and left in her slumber
I bet she won't mind, dunno, I been dumber
still got a clear mind, ya know, I'll never see her
nobody's gotta hope nobody's a cheater
I know our game was fair, no problem gettin' sleep here
got nobody else and know she didn't either
get anyone else wherever I need her
traveling elsewhere but never miss something
sometimes feels like I'm always missing something

love sex, no feelings [x3]
all I got is what I'm concealing

but I can't be bothered with any sort of dumb rings
sometimes it feels like I'm always missing something
forget it's the real life and try to play people
I can't get a free lunch, can't get any free goals
lucky I'm good at climbing, throw myself in deep holes
not always with timing, but mostly it's workin' fine
supposed to be healing, used to be so was turpentine
a couple martinis, someone to drink with and I'm
back in the same place, she tells me her name's grace
pressure from her waist and a smile on her face and
to somebody's place, with each night somebody new
a familiar face, each night with somebody new
bound to happen, grace makes a good buddy who
keeps me interested longer than most bodies do
I kinda relate, it seems like she's slutty too
I looked in her purse, her ID said something new

love sex, no feelings [x3]
all I got is what I'm concealing

I guess that both of us are gonna just pretend like this is just fine
You adjust your hands under the table I’ll adjust mine
Doesn’t seem to me like you really care what I do with myself
Something ‘bout love and war, all’s fair therefore, (3) you can put me on a shelf?
Not a thought of nothing else? I guess that should hurt but I think I agree, it’s so hard to tell and it’s so hard to see what I want,
Guess the book of love was written in small font, and we all gotta act nonchalant, confidant. Confidant or confident? Looking so magnificent.
So what are we, what is this, what is that, what are you and what am I?
What is love, don’t hurt me baby, what the hell was the name of that guy?
Who made that song that that I sing along to when it plays in my work all the time
The rest of the time I’m just trying to work and to work out what’s on my mind.
Cause it seems like I’m thinking about jack shit,
Like some sort of sinner guilty catholic
But I was never baptized so I surmise, that must be you on my mind, surprise.
Tell me what you think of me, no lies
Like for tbh, look me in the face, like smh, like N.O. M.O.R.E. of this, period, no commas,
You tell me you hate drama but you keep it top secret like you’re barack Obama,
And you’re not acting very presidential, showing up at night to my residential,
And I can’t pretend that we don’t have potential, I guess if nothing else tonight will be eventful

love sex, no feelings [x3]


released January 15, 2017
Writers: Bethel Rosen, Leo McManus
Composers: Leo McManus
Performers: Bethel Rosen, Leo McManus, Matthew Wood
Producers: Leo McManus
Engineers: Leo McManus, Bethel Rosen
Artwork: L. Perez

dedicated to ya mutha



all rights reserved


The Shirt Pocket Commission Fort Collins, Colorado

~3 guys who make music. some project in the works. beth did the banner and this description. MGB did the avi art. we can also be found on soundcloud but it feels naughty to link that here so search it up yourself

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